Wilmington Vs. Other Cities...

How Wilmington Compares To Other Cities
It took us four spreadsheets, three months of research and significant travel time to find Wilmington, NC. A 30 something and 40 something professional couple, we had travelled extensively- both nationally and internationally. With one of us working remotely out of NYC, we could have moved anywhere stateside- and made it our mission to find our perfect place. An historic neighborhood, a fun and funky downtown, walkable communities, an artsy vibe, locally owned businesses, better weather, easy access to major cities, great eats, dog people parks- this was our ask ...attached to an affordable price tag. 

After posting one review of Wilmington on a national site, we were inundated with questions. What were the drawbacks and benefits of each city we had tried on for size? Every place had pros and cons- so here’s what we learned, city by city, and why we chose Wilmington NC. To share our experience, click on each of the cities below.

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How Wilmington Compares To Other Cities

Schools, Crime and City Stats

“Where are the ‘best’ schools are and how much does ‘crime’ affect this neighborhood?”

Regulations specifically prohibit agents from answering these inquiries based on personal experiences- so here’s the lowdown on how to get tough questions addressed.

Q: “How do I make sure that the house I buy puts me in my desired school district?”

A:  As Wilmington continues to grow, the increase of students has resulted in a need to balance area intake. Redistricting now means that even if a person lives in a home that has historically been allocated to a specific school district, there are no guarantees that the student may not be transferred to another educational establishment. While discussions pertaining to new, larger, buildings are ongoing, make sure to stay in the loop as to redistricting. Note that redistricting only affects public schools: private schools are not involved.

Q: “Is this a safe neighborhood?”

A:  The most reliable place to look for answers on crime is the local police department. These are the professionals who handle this day in and day out. If a specific type of crime is a concern for you, make sure to inquire about the breakdown of that particular crime.

As an example, our family nearly moved to New Orleans. We had both lived in major cities and did not think we would be concerned about crime. When we met with local police, however, they advised us not to move. Their reason? “Crime isn’t always crime,” as one officer explained. “The violent crime here- that’s rape, that’s out of control, that’s everywhere.”

Ultimately, the lesson learned is that if you are concerned about one type of crime over another, make sure to be specific with your questions. For example, you can ask an officer how much crime of an area may be related to petty theft vs. violent crime. 

For New Hanover County, the police website is:

Remember, there is never a substitute for first hand experience. If you are considering moving to an area, try to book a local stay so that you can explore the neighborhood. Airbnb is a great way to try before you buy. 

How Wilmington Compares To Other Cities

Here We Grow!

With a 109% population growth since 2000, Wilmington is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in the United States. According to Sperling’s Best Places, from 2000 until 2018, Wilmington attracted an additional 60,403 residents. With our population now standing at 115,933, that’s a whopping 108.78% increase! 

Recently renovated and continually expanding, Wilmington’s airport reported a 12% increase in passengers for 2018, with a record setting total of 934,058 passengers served. According to Jim Gentry at WECT, “Officials credited the addition of United as a carrier as well as expanded services by American Airlines for helping with the increase.”

With easy access and direct flights to places like NYC, it’s easy to see why so many telecommuters are choosing Wilmington as our relocation destination. My other half spends a few days a month in The City- we’ve never had a missed flight or been delayed by traffic jams. Take that, Washington DC area airports!
How Wilmington Compares To Other Cities

Get Your Wilm On

Wilmington is, in many ways, a city comprised of many big and little towns- each with their own identity. Whether you are seeking beautiful homes in gated communities with access to area golfing, historic in town living, beachfront communities for the salt life or country property, chances are that we’ve got you covered. From new construction and family friendly developments to in town riverfront experiences, there is much to choose from. 

Click here to experience our featured neighborhood, historic Carolina Heights

Exploring local restuarants, area amenities, and nearby neighborhoods is a wonderful way to experience our beloved Port City. For all things fur child related, be sure to explore our Miss Charlie’s favorite section, ‘Fun With Fido.’